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Koala Facts, Koala information. Facts and information about Australian Koala. Is the Koala a bear? Koala habitat, diet, biology. Koala facts for s,educators and

Research has shown that Koalas change their preferences seasonally throughout the year. It is therefore important that Koalas have a range of tree species to choose

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Female koalas have become infamous for engaging in lesbian sex. Females often overlook males and participate in sexual acts with other females, …

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Mar 12, 2013 · Video embedded · IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, PLEASE GIVE IT A THUMBS UP AND SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY 🙂 Cute koala that just needed some water Koala Meets …

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The modern koala is the only extant member of Phascolarctidae, a family that once included several genera and species. During the Oligocene and Miocene, koalas lived

Koala sex involves deep bellows, sexual excursions and fierce rejections.

Singer Katy Perry is in hot water with Australian rights activists, after the Hillary Clinton supporter suggested her chase koalas in an Australian ad.

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I notice that we humans are ourselves of an nature, so by adopting that policy, we should not be allowed to have sex with each other. A policy that would

Students: you can read our FAQ section here, or use our search function up the top to search for specific info! – Koalas are not bears.

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