Guys Like Fat Women

Nov 18, 2013 · Peplums, wedge sneakers, maxi skirts — we fashion-forward women love us a good trend. But we often get the creeping feeling men don’t understand our dev

What do guys like in a teen? What makes a guy want to date a teen versus not seeing her as “teenfriend material”? What do men want in a woman that makes them see

Women are conditioned to believe that no one wants to sleep with them unless they’re and thin. Not in my experience. Early last year I ended a monogamous

Fashion We Asked 20 Women: What are the worst style mistakes that guys constantly make? You might think she doesn’t really care what you’re wearing, but trust us

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Guys Like Fat Women 5

Photos of naked women and teens with proper curves. There is certainly where grab. It’s a sweet fat that it needs to be fuck. BBW photos to show her big tits, huge

I have read and heard countless times that guys prefer women with curves and more meat on their bones but I’m starting to wonder about that. I have some su

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Women are pulling their weight in trying to understand you. If you can meet them halfway, you’re going to do great.

Ever wondered why men like breasts so much? The Super Fella explains his fascination for breasts and answers the big question – why do guys like breasts?

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Patrick is correct. When women flirt with other men, its a red flag… period. It means you can’t trust her, and she is an attention whore, and always looking for

All you guys there on PT, send in your opinions! What makes a fat teen appealing to you? Tue. Aug 29, 7:28am

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