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Fantasy and Gothic Clothing In this section you will find lots of medieval and renaissance items. It include the Klerik coat, Midnight fantasy cap, Sinbad jerkin

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Choose from different fabrics, colors, lengths, and designs.

Search here for ready- to-ship, hand made cloaks,warm winter cloaks,full circle wool cloaks,polar fleece cloaks, hooded woollen cloaks, half circle capes,men’s and

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The Man In A Black Cloak – Your source for real ghost stories. Submit your paranormal experience!

Fine feather cloaks called kahu huruhuru were made of muka fibre with bird feathers woven in to cover the entire cloak. These feather cloaks became more common during

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Cape is a term applied to any kind of equippable item worn in the “cape slot” of a player’s

Kult Of Athena – Cloaks, Capes & Robes Sort By Price Sorted By Name : 14th Century Hood – Black and Red

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Handmade Historically Authentic Renaissance, Medieval and Celtic Period Cloaks

Possum-skin cloaks were a form of clothing worn by Aboriginal people in the south-east of Australia – present-day Victoria and New South Wales.

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Period Costume and Historical Clothing for Re-enactors and Heritage Sites. Wedding Cloaks, Scottish Widows Cloaks and other Cloaks for Formal Occasions. Modern

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