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Bible Verses About Abortion – Here are all of the Bible verses about abortion. As you can see, the Bible verses against abortion are clear. But are there verses that

Bible Quotes About Friendship Read Bible passages about friendship and how friendships relate to love, hurt, wounds, healing, joy, encouragement and death.

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So far you must have tried various methods to memorize Bible verses, but sometimes we are not able to remember it correctly. One of my friends gave me an excellent

Frequently Asked Questions. Should a Christian oppose gay (same-sex) marriage and partnerships? What does the Bible say about gay and lesbian sex?

Find a Bible verse by searching for a word, passage, or topic.

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These Bible verses by topic are for all occasions and holidays. They are organized to help you quickly and easily locate the subject you need.

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Bible Verses on Love – Read verses about God’ love for us, our love for God, and our love for each other.

A recent New York Times feature discussed how evangelicals interpret a few Bible passages in support of or against same-sex marriage. The pro-con format of the Times

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These Bible verses aren’t about condemning homosexuals, gays, lesbians, or transgender people. Rather, read God’s loving warning and grace for those who have strayed

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Bible verses about homosexuality When speaking on this topic many people act like it’s a toss up. Many people ask is homosexuality a sin and the answer is

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